Teacup Party Yorkies


Welcome to our website. I hope you enjoy looking at our babies and adult dogs. We are very selective in who we breed and try to produce some of the nicest quality yorkies on the market. We breed all colors of yorkies from traditionals to partis and everything in between! We even sometimes have designer yorkie cross babies. 
I started breeding in 2002 and have loved every minute of it. I enjoy raising the babies as part of my family and I love even more to see the joy my babies bring to their new families. I consider my puppies my grandbbabies and want only the best for them! Each baby is very spoiled and loved on from the time they are born. Our adult dogs are all very sweet with great temperments and I feel they pass that on to their babies. We have many references from happy puppy buyers if your ever interested. 
Please keep in mind I co-own most of my dogs on my website. I place most of my breeders in pet homes where they can get one on one attention and get extra spoiled this also allows me to have more babies available with each baby getting special love and attention! Since having a new baby of my own I don't have as much time as I used to and want what's very best for all my dogs. 
I will also sometimes have other family member's or breeder friend's babies listed on my site from time to time. I will only do this if I feel these are nice quality puppies from people who truly care for their babies and puppies that I would consider keeping or breeding myself. 
If you have any questions PLEASE feel free to text, call, or email anytime. I'm not always great about answering the phone with a busy life but I'm usually best with texting or please leave a message so I know who to call back. Thank you! 
Best phone number: 385-312-6895 
Email: teacuppartiyorkies@yahoo.com 

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